Structured Cabling and Installation

It doesn’t start with just plugging in the telephone.  Exceltech will assist you in choosing the
best telephone system that will suit your current needs as well as allowing for expansion in the future.  Beginning with a site visit to your location, we will ensure all necessary cabling is either existing, or we will make arrangements to have this completed to your specifications.  We will work with you and your telephone service provider to ensure that required lines are installed to your location, and once the service is available, Exceltech will install, terminate, connect and test all internal structured cabling requirements ensuring that sufficient signal is provided for your telecommunication needs. We can also supply and install additional data cabling for your computer network if needed. Once your system arrives, Exceltech will schedule a time with you to have it installed and running as quickly as possible, including initial setup and programming of your telephone extension numbers, staff directory, greeting messages and voicemail system if included.



About Exceltech

Exceltech was established in 1998 . The principles in the company have been in the communications business for over 30 years and with a background in electronics engineering and computer sciences. We provide business communication systems , infrastructure cabling (cat5/6, fiber optics,), and paging solutions.


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