Programming and Moves

As your business changes, Exceltech is there for you along the way. Internal office moves, staff changes, or feature additions all require reprogramming within your telephone system and desktop handsets. For some, this can seem like a daunting task. Exceltech can come to your location and quickly make these changes for you, removing the stress and worry of & pressing the wrong button. Leave it to us, we're glad to help! Exceltech will also help you with larger office moves including full-business relocation. Call us to schedule a time to look at the new location to ensure all preliminary details such as cabling, system and telephone location and any additional hardware are considered and accommodated for.


Maintenance and Backup

Today, your telephone system is much like a computer.  Circuit boards, diodes, transistors and hard-drives are all part of your system and need preventative and regular maintenance. Exceltech can arrange to perform a regular backup of your system based on the size and number of programming changes of your set-up.  If your system were to fail, having a current backup on file will help to restore your system faster to the state of the last backup, and will eliminate lengthy down-time, while at the same time saving you money. It is recommended that a system backup be performed NO LESS than once per year, and more frequently if reprogramming, moves and additions are performed quite often.  In addition, we can also replace the batteries on your UPS backup power supply.  Your UPS system gives you added protection against power fluctuations, while supplying you additional temporary power to allow the time to properly shut down your system during a power failure. Batteries for your UPS power supply should be replaced approximately every two years. If your location is subject to regular power outages, spikes and fluctuations causing your UPS to take over regularly, these batteries should be checked and replaced more frequently. If you don’t currently have a UPS on your system, give us a call and we can arrange to have one installed.  

About Exceltech

Exceltech was established in 1998 . The principles in the company have been in the communications business for over 30 years and with a background in electronics engineering and computer sciences. We provide business communication systems , infrastructure cabling (cat5/6, fiber optics,), and paging solutions.


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